All You Need to Know About GTA San Andreas Torrent

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If you’ve decided to download GTA San Andreas Torrent then you’ve come to the right place. Obtaining GTA San Andreas can be a bit tricky for people as many websites that claim to have GTA San Andreas Torrent contains Malware and Spyware. GTA San Andreas is the fifth installment of the Grand Theft Auto Franchise which is one of the most selling Game Franchise of all time. Grand Theft Auto is a Third Person Shooter Free Roam set in the fictional city of San Andreas. The  Grand Theft Auto San Andreas takes place before the events of Grand Theft Auto 3 and focuses on the protagonist and playable character Carl Johnson aka CJ. CJ is from Grove Street, San Andreas who gave up on the life of crime and left San Andreas in search of a better life. After the death of his mom, he visits San Andreas to attend her funeral but gets kidnapped by corrupt cops and gets spiraled back into the life of crime. Now CJ must do whatever he must to survive in San Andreas and Help his brother Sweet get out of trouble from rival gangs.

In GTA San Andreas there are many more areas to explore as compared to its predecessors. San Andreas is split up in three different parts Los Santos, Las Venturas, and San Fierro. Each part of the city is different than the rest. Los Santos is riddled with gang violence while Las Venturas is the capital of gambling. San Fierro is the rural area with a lot of farms and small towns.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas features a lot of characters that may or may not be important in the plot. Some characters that can be recognized from previous games also make a cameo.

GTA series is famous because it gives the player a total freedom aspect of the game as the player can roam around either on foot or in a vehicle. The player can jack up any vehicle they see whether or not it’s occupied and belongs to someone else. San Andreas is no different from other Grand Theft Auto in this respect and has a wide range of vehicles for a player to choose from. Each area has different vehicles allocated in it according to its theme and style. GTA San Andreas has a wide variety of missions that take a lot of time to complete so the player can stay immersed in the land of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for many days.

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