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Open War Doubles 2011

Results| The Rules Pack


The first Open War Doubles event took place at Maelstrom Games in Mansfield on the 16th and 17th July 2011.

Best Painted Army

40k - Andy Williams & Gavin Gillies

WFB - Andrew Thompson & Gareth Hamilton

40k Results

PositionNameArmy ListPainting ScoreGeneralshipTotal
1Chris Green & James RamseyBLOOD ANGELS & SPACE WOLVES257094160
2Graham White & Tim KingDark Eldar and Imperial Guard257748154
3Chris Bennett & Tom WainwrightSpace Wolves and Blood Angels256211145
4Andy Williams & Gavin GilliesImperial Guard and Space Wolves256127138
5Paul Holton & David HoltonImperial Guard and Grey Knights252910125
6Rachel Taylor & Rob CherryCHAOS MARINES & DEMONS254270110
7Dave Pooley & Gavin WilkinsonBLOOD ANGELS & SPACE MARINES254439102
8George Lees & PeteDARK ELDAR & Imperial Guard253896102
9Reece Taylor & KatoSpace Marines20294578

WFB Results

PositionNameArmy ListPainting ScoreGeneralshipTotal
1Danny Pegg & Andy BarnesLIZARDMEN & High Elves2510695143
2Steve Wren & Adi MacEMPIRE & BRETTONIA258328131
3Andrew Thompson & Gareth HamiltonEMPIRE258875129
4Tom Harris & Tim HarrisHIGH ELVES & SKAVEN258629119
5Nick Peart & Paul AtherallCHAOS & ORCS258339115
6John Walters & Ed MorrisDEMONS & BEASTMEN256821111
7Jake Richards & Gareth MansfieldBEASTMEN & SKAVEN258194109