Blood Bowl
Veterans Perpetual League

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Blood Bowl - Veterans Perpetual League

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Team Name
Khromy's Artisans
Star Killers
Quexecotl Slitherers
Calverton Condors
Neck Breakers
Athel Loren Athletics
Dead Hairy's
Merciless Marauders
Bridgeford Bruisers
Da Orkanapolis Bolts
Green Peak Packers
Warp Down
Dust to Dust
Dark Lands Slavers
Forest Green
Asguard Thunderers
Zan Dreigo Chargers
Cowardly Lions
Mad Hatters
Hochland Ex-Patriots
Blitzburg Squeakers
Dirty Mike's Soup Kitchen
Barak Varr Buccaneers
Death Hag's Sacrifice
Badmoon Boar Boyz
Team With No Name!
Orkanapolis Death Skins
OEA Reprobates
Wasteland Redfists
Salkalten Seahawks
Underfoot Rompers
Upper Class Wingmen
Reptile Rovers
Blazing Rockets
Woolly Mammoths
Rottingham Foulest
NATO (Not A-lot To Offer)
Roughneck Rookies
Blue Mountain State
Ellyrion Raiders
Hard Chancers
Sewer Pipe Scoundrels
Rock Forge Keepers
Woody's Wood Elves
Lovely Ladies
Nehkara Pharaohs
Witches Glory
Armoured Armadillos
Booty Bay Buccaneers
Da SkullSmasha's
Fangs for the Memories
Orcston Texans
Norfolk & Chance
Horny Devils
Warpborn Tricksters
Averlorn Falcons
New Asrai Saints
Werewolverhampton Wanderers
Black City Bulls
Da So Solid Krewe
Head Hunters
Bramcote Ball-Hawkers
Har Ganeth Bloodravens
Ghrond Ravens
Great Maw Juggernauts
Cheeky Chimichangas
Bridgford Blue Socks
Blitzburg Underdogs
Black Chasm Steelers
Pond Life
Mechanics Guild
Dune Beach Drifters
Blackrock Covenant
Chuck Norses
Thorneywood Thrashers
The Golden Throng
A Good Question
Da Rok Stone Bash
New Drakenhof Patriots
Athel Loren All Stars
Greyseer's GF
Pain & Gain
Lab Rats
Cursed-Earth Crusaders
Averland Archangels
Bretonian Black Knights
Bridgeford Bareknucklers
Empire State Humans
Peking Ducks
New Haven Ravens
West Coast Warriors
Greater Good Geishas
Tilean Tigers
Hickup's Highlanders
What Notts
Blue Army
St Lucifer's Beard
Da Bramcote Waaagh
Stromstaad Vikings
Midgard Marauders
St Ann's Ancents
Hawthorn Harlequins
Sucky Stars
Bridgford Mining Company
Kings of Inducements
NBL All Stars
Thorin'c Company
Gamston Greenskins
Averland Avengers
Darkwing Brotherhood
Vicious Vermin
Bugman's First Company
Avelorn Eagles
Tlaxtlan Thunder Lizards
Bean and Gone
Gorgoth Ravens
Doomsday Seekers
San Franorcsco 49DAs
Hockley Honey Badgers
50 Shades of Green
Da Glen Gork Gitz
Temptations of Rot
Gidrim Reapers
Scrapheap Sentinels
Risen Ravens
Blightmore Gravens
Hemlock Nighthawks
End Time Eternals
Lustria Red Crest
Bilskirnir Bears
Osterland mighty Griffens
Mummy's Curse
Da Dribblerz
Harlequins Bromance
Bun Bastic
Cheeky Vimto
Spitepak Sneakers
Shirebrook Vixens
Karond Kar Slavers
Krakenberg City Chiefs
St Anne's Annihilators
Warpstone Stealers
Blightforth Brigands
Green Lane Dodgers
Blighted Isle Corsairs
Black Mount Oilers
Certified XX
Bridgford Buccaneers
Ice Wolves
Rags & Bones United
Baal Predators
Nostraman Nightstalkers
Dark Knights
Uzkulak Ultimates
Guantanamo Bay Gitmos
Tony's Annihilators
Shirebrook Stags
Just for Fun
Under Peak Packers
Leafy Spring Dancers
Heroes of Chaos
Green Way Sackers
MDK Dons
Bridgford Bashers
Sin City Steelers
Blight City Cogheads
Maurice and his Slightly Educated Rodents
Weils Plaguebearers
Bridgford B52 Bombers
Wild Wasteland Wendigo Warriors
Slithy Toves
Brackner's Blitzers
11th Hour
BB Re-Booted
Da Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo
New Forest Green