Blood Bowl
Veterans Perpetual League

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Blood Bowl - Veterans Perpetual League

Round Robin Induction (RRI) Summer 2014

This RRI kicked off on the 2nd of July 2014

Darren Grainger won with the Midgard Marauders.

Darren Grainger receiving Trophy

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Team Name Race Coach Pld W D L TD Cas Pts
Midgard MaraudersLink to rosterNorseDarren Grainger111001312929
Averland AvengersHumansDan Davies11632252924
Stromstaad VikingsLink to rosterNorseAdam Archer10541152217
Dino-MitesLink to rosterLizardmenArron Gray11533141815
Sucky StarsLink to rosterVampiresChris Taylor10433151114
Thorin'c CompanyLink to rosterDwarfsJay Clare10343121813
Da Bramcote WaaaghLink to rosterOrcsScott Baird11335101110
Kings of InducementsSkavenTom Mckinnon923413109
Darkwing BrotherhoodDark ElvesLee Taylor102171188
Bridgford Mining CompanyLink to rosterDwarfsGraham White100556188
Hawthorn HarlequinsWood ElvesJoseph Selman101361287
NBL All StarsLink to rosterDwarfsMatt Howley2110323
Gamston GreenskinsRetiredOrcsDave Evans2011121
St Ann's AncentsRetiredDwarfsJohn Holland1001000

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* Scoring: 2 for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss, +1 point for either 3TD or 3CAS.

* This league will use the house rules - Cheerleaders and Assistant Coaches can be induced for twice the normal price.

* To avoid double winners, those at with numeric chance of winning (within a reasonable number of games and winning games 3-0, 3-0) will enter a play off to decide the winner. The teams used will be the teams they have at the time, so likely to benefit the teams that get their games in early, finish early and progress the team thereafter. Note: I estimate a reasonable number of games to be less than 3.

* Initially, 1 game a week: A team may not play more games than the number of Wednesdays, since the league started, until week Y, after which there is no game game cap. Y equals number of teams divided by two.

* No new teams after 16th July

* Teams that have not played a single game before 31st July will be dropped.