Blood Bowl
Veterans Perpetual League

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Blood Bowl - Veterans Perpetual League

Round Robin Induction (RRI) Human 2014

Kicked off on the 8th of January 2014 and was our first single race RRI.

Adam Archer won with the New Haven Ravens.

Adam Archer receiving Trophy

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Team Name Race Coach Pld W D L TD Cas Pts
New Haven RavensLink to rosterHumansAdam Archer10820291925
Cursed-Earth CrusadersLink to rosterPaintedLink to photosHumansScott Baird12624261921
Blue ArmyHumansChris Taylor11623171816
Peking DucksLink to rosterHumansJohn Holland10451171216
Bretonian Black KnightsHumansDarren Grainger9432161615
Bridgeford BareknucklersLink to rosterHumansGraham White11344151413
Averland ArchangelsRetiredHumansDan Davies440010811
St Lucifer's BeardHumansAndrew Lane832311910
Tilean TigersHumansJoseph Selman113171189
West Coast WarriorsLink to rosterHumansArron Gray1121814207
Empire State HumansHumansTom Mckinnon8215686
Hickup's HighlandersRetiredHumansMark Punter41307106
Greater Good GeishasHumansAdam White90279103
What NottsRetiredHumansOliver Hancock4103732

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* Scoring - 2 for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss, +1 point for either 3TD or 3CAS.

* This league will also trialled the two new house rules - Cheerleaders and Assistant Coaches can be induced for twice the normal price.

* To avoid double winners like last RRI, those at with numeric chance of winning will enter a play off to decide the winner, with the teams they have at the time, so likely to benefit the teams that get their games in early.

* A team may not play more games than the number of Thursdays, since the league started, until week Y, after which there is no game game cap. Y equals number of teams divided by two.