Blood Bowl
Veterans Perpetual League

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Blood Bowl - Veterans Perpetual League

Round Robin Induction (RRI) Autumn 2015

This RRI kicked off on the 2nd of September 2015, games to be played before 1st March 2016, at which time the RRI will finish.

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Team Name Race Coach Pld W D L TD Cas Pts
Warpstone StealersSkavenChris Taylor141031352233
Blighted Isle CorsairsDark ElvesDan Davies14941373032
Green Lane DodgersWood ElvesTony Allen14932361728
Krakenberg City ChiefsNecromanticAdam Archer13733272523
St Anne's AnnihilatorsDwarfsJohn Holland13643173122
Blightforth BrigandsChaosJoseph Selman14725182621
Ice WolvesNorseMatthew Robinson13508143217
Certified XXAmazonsTom Mckinnon13445122416
Black Mount OilersDwarfsAdam White14428112515
Karond Kar SlaversDark ElvesDarren Grainger13445181414
Rags & Bones UnitedUndeadRichard Robinson13409122913
Bridgford BuccaneersPro ElvesGraham White13427171512
Shirebrook VixensLink to rosterAmazonsTrevor Allen14428131712
Spitepak SneakersLink to rosterPaintedLink to photosGoblinsScott Baird1320116145
ViolatorsLink to rosterChaos DwarfsJames Woodwood6114395

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  • Scoring: 2 for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss, +1 point for either 3TD or 3CAS.
  • This league will use the house rules - Cheerleaders and Assistant Coaches can be induced for twice the normal price.
  • To avoid double winners, those at with numeric chance of winning (within a reasonable number of games and winning games 3-0, 3-0) will enter a play off to decide the winner. The teams used will be the teams they have at the time, so likely to benefit the teams that get their games in early, finish early and progress the team thereafter. Note: I estimate a reasonable number of games to be less than 3.
  • Initially, 1 game a week: A team may not play more games than the number of Wednesdays, since the league started, until week Y, after which there is no game game cap. Y equals number of teams divided by two. There are 12 teams, six weeks have passed, coaches can now play as many games as they can arrange.
  • New Teams can join until 1st October 2015.
  • Teams that have not played a single game before 1st October will be dropped.