Blood Bowl
Veterans Perpetual League

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Blood Bowl - Veterans Perpetual League


A perpetual league where players dropping out causes no issue, cause it always happens.

  • Play anywhere anytime (However weekly gatherings will be at the White Hart on Wednesday evenings from 7pm).
  • There are four parts: Round Robin Induction (RRI), the Veterans Perpetual League (VPL), Divisions and half yearly knockouts.
  • Before entering a team in the VPL the team must go through an RRI.
  • Teams in the VPL must be yours and fully painted, the RRI should provide about 2-6 months in which to paint your team.
  • Teams in the RRI can be at any stage of completion, begged, borrowed, but not stolen.
  • When there are 8-ish or more teams wishing to be inducted, an RRI will be kicked off, upon completion the winner will get a trophy and all teams can then play in the VPL. This protects juvenile teams form the well established teams, at least initially and introduces many players to the group of BB players.
  • You may have any number of teams in the VPL, but only one in each RRI, or the Divisions.
  • A team can not play the same team consecutively, this is deemed as levelling up. Games separated by more than a month will be accepted (or genuine mistakes)... My Ogres played BMS consecutively however the games were two months apart, and I couldn't remember.
  • The rules used will be the "Competition Rules", including the three new teams (Chaos Pact, Slann and Underworld), effectively Living Rule Book 6 (LRB6). If you need a copy, just post on the fourm.
  • There is only one house rule at the moment: Cheer Leaders and Assistant Coaches may be induced at twice the normal cost.
  • Each coach will be strongly encouraged to post an electronic version of your roster for other coaches to see. Games will largely be arranged through the forum, but any method is fine.
  • If you don't want to play games with your team for any reason, at any stage, please just let me know. I can then mark the team as retired and people will stop chasing you for games. You can unretire a team should you wish, (we want as many teams as possible), it's really just a way of letting other coaches know that other commitments are taking priority at the moment.
  • I'm Scott by the way, a.k.a. ferrumvir
  • Most of the communications for the league happens through the forum.

Plans/What's on at the Moment

The plan
Structure of VPL, RRI and Divisions